i gave up coffee for 46 days. here's what I learned.

I felt my heart flutter for the first time in February. Not in an omg i'm in love kind of way. More like a IS THIS HOW IT ENDS?!??! kind of way. 

According to my favorite, cheapest doctor, Google, I was experiencing heart palpitations, probably brought on by anxiety, anemia, or caffeine. Likely nothing to worry about, the internet said. 

But I was worried, and with Lent around the corner, I decided that now was the perfect time to kick my coffee habit. 

Here's what I learned from abstaining from coffee for 6 weeks:

Coffee doesn't really do it for me. It just makes me anxious and sweaty but not necessarily more awake. I was pretty strict about abstaining for about 3 weeks, but I caved while traveling abroad for a week in March. I was disappointed to find that coffee didn't remedy my jet lag or keep me more focused or alert. It just made me feel a bit anxious. 

Tea is delicious. I've always liked tea, but I never fully appreciated how delicious it could be until it was my only hot beverage option. I sampled a lot of teas during my coffee hiatus, and my favorites were Yogi Tea Blueberry Slim Life, Yogi Tea Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy, and Trader Joe's Tumeric and Ginger Tea. 

Coffee is actually kind of gross. Ok, I still basically like coffee and even still crave it. But now I find it's pretty gross to have a cuppa milky coffee in the morning after mouth breathing all night. Tea's way more refreshing in the morning. 

So I'm not here to poo-poo coffee. Lots of people love it, it's safe to drink, and it has lots of antioxidants or whatever. But it's sometimes good to check in with your body to see if you really enjoy and benefit from whatever foods and drinks you consume habitually.